Monday, 29 June 2009

Simple and Inexpensive Health Care For the Whole Family

Executive summary By : O. Schmidt

Here is a story to illustrate how modern medicine often works. Our health care systems often do something like this - costly and difficult fixes instead of relatively non-intrusive, simple and inexpensive body aids.

Instead of buying medicines and syrups containing questionable chemicals, we use a strong salt water or diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide gargle to kill cold germs in the throat and it seems to prevent them from spreading. Germs are killed easily in the body by the heat and you use less energy producing the fever because of the external heat source. Simple, natural and inexpensive.

Body Toxins
A white coating on the tongue can be a good indicator of toxins. Check your diet. Drink more water to dilute and flush toxins. Frizzy skin below cuticles, dry and lifeless hair, and dry flaky body skin are also indicators. Sleep is not the solution because it is repair time, not re-energize time. Energy comes from nutritious food. Check your diet if you have low energy. Learn relaxation techniques to improve depth of sleep.

Learn formal relaxation techniques. Miscellaneous Inexpensive and Safe Self-Care
a) exercise, flex and tense face muscles each day to reduce sagging skin. Save money spent on facial creams.
b) eye exercises help keep stronger glasses away and eyes strong. As well, your body will be healthier and thank you by working properly because you have helped it help itself.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Glycemic Index Diet - Another Get-Thin-Quick Scheme?

Executive summary By: Idaline Hall

The low level on the scale is 55 and below, medium index levels are between 56 and 69, and high on the index scale is 70 and above. Different carbs (carbohydrates) will convert to glucose (sugar) and enter the bloodstream at different rates, and therefore vary in how much of a blood sugar spike you experience.

Food with a low glycemic index reading, on the other hand, fill you up, but raise blood sugar slowly and steadily, giving you a longer feeling of being full and continuous energy. Eating a low Glycemic Index Diet is not about avoiding carbs all together, but focusing on the more healthful carbs. Foods with low glycemic index make it possible to enjoy all foods, even those that rank high because combining these two together helps to balance out the count, with index levels in the medium range. Remember, it's the overall diet that counts, and not individual foods.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

How Do I Burn Fat Fast - Here Are Some Simple But Effective Weight Loss Tip You Can't Afford to Miss

Executive summary By: Casey Gentles

Perhaps you are one of those people who are getting mixed signals about effective weight loss techniques. At this point, you may be getting disillusioned already and the question that lingers on your mind all day long is: How do I burn fat fast? It takes a great deal of patience and will power to actually burn fat around your body.
The most important aspect of weight loss is exercise. When exercising, you must always aim to reach your peak heart rate because that is the point when your body starts burning calories. While helping you to lose weight, these foods will also provide your body with the essential nutrients to carry out metabolic functions.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Best Natural Tip on How to Get Pregnant Faster - Easy Way to Conceive a Baby Fast With EFT

Executive summary By: Alexis Roger

A little bit angered and frustrated? If the problem is related with stress or anxiety this information can help you a great deal. Let's answer to the two following question: can stress affect woman chances of getting pregnant? How emotional freedom technique can help women to get pregnant quick?

Can stress prevent a woman from getting pregnant?

Actually, stress has a negative effect on the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus plays an important role in the release of two important hormones (LH and FSH) into the blood stream. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative therapy based on ancient Chinese medicine which consists to stimulate the similar meridian points used in acupuncture.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Celebrity diets – are they safe? Proactol™ offers an insiders look into the latest dietary trends

Executive summary By:

With the media clearly besotted with the latest celebrity diet endorsements, it makes a refreshing change to find a company who is solely interested in helping their consumers to achieve safe, natural weight loss.

Yet natural fat binder Proactol™ has done just that. Recognising the potential health dangers that can arise from following low calorie/ fluid diets - such as those promoted by the cabbage diet, the Master Cleanse and the juice diet – Proactol™ has assessed the pros and cons of following such diets, whilst revealing to consumers the real lengths celebrities go to in order to achieve their slim, toned bodies.

And we have to say they have been very thorough in their attempts to increase consumer awareness.

Launching an online campaign dedicated to helping their consumers escape the risks created by these fad diets; they are also offering their consumers a detailed Celebrity diet eBook.

Following extensive research into these diets, Proactol™’s unique eBook analyses every aspect of these diets: what they involve, how they work and how they impact on your body, before offering consumers a healthier, safer route.

Their online campaign in particular is tremendously helpful. Designed with you in mind, they have created an assortment of easy to follow tips can that easily be incorporated into your daily lifestyle - tips that anyone can do without having to make dramatic dietary changes!

All-in-all Proactol™ have done a great job in bringing to light the dangers of celebrity diets and their celebrity diet campaign is definitely worth a read.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Self Help For Hair Loss

Executive summary By: Robert D Hawkins

Let's face it, most us will experience some degree of hair loss at some time in our lives. The question is will it be permanent or temporary? In this informational article titled "Self Help for Hair Loss" we will briefly cover the causes of hair loss and present eight helpful ideas that just might help you keep your hair for a very long time.

The human scalp is filled with approximately 100,000 hairs with the average hair replacement cycle lasting five years or so. Each day over 100 hairs are lost and then replaced. The problem with balding occurs when the number of hair lost becomes more than can be replaced; the bigger the gap, the faster the thinning or balding.

In many cases the imbalance is exasperated by things we do such as crash weight loss programs, stress, taking certain medications, certain oral contraceptive, bleaching, excessive shampooing, blow drying or nutritional deficiencies. In other instances balding is brought about by events or conditions out of our control such as hormones, genetics, autoimmune disorders, an underactive thyroid gland or a high fever. The vast majority of incidences of thinning are known in medical terms as toxic alopecia. In other words you are doing something or have a temporary condition that is damaging your hair or interrupting the natural hair replacement cycle.

In most cases self help for hair loss is not a complicated subject. Once the cause of your rapidly thinning scalp is identified and eliminated a healthy replacement cycle can begin. In other instances the answer is not so clear. This is indeed the case with genetics and hormones, and the bad news is that this powerful combination accounts for approximately 90% of all balding.

The medical term for this condition is androgenic alopecia and it affects both men and women in different ways. Women experience a general thinning process which is evenly distributed with very little indication of a receding hair line, while men recognize this condition by balding on top of the head, thinning on the crown, and a receding hair line. The culprit in both cases is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Androgenic alopecia will not reverse itself and steps must be taken to either block DHT or control the amount of this hormone being produced.

Self Help Strategies:

*Good nutrition: Give your hair the tools it needs to grow. Would you plant your garden in an area that had poor soil? Both anecdotal evidence and research studies suggest that Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and biotin play essential roles.

*Exercise: Blood supplies your scalp with the nutrients needed for a health hair replacement cycle.

*Topical natural oils: There are a number of topical natural oils such as nut oil and pumpkinseed oil that have gained some recognition as hair growth stimulants. While these products are readily available, affordable, and are worth a try, their results are unpredictable.

*Avoid lathering shampoos - The more lather generally the harsher the shampoo.

*Coloring and heat: We all want to look our best and often times hair coloring and curling irons play a vital role. My best suggestion here is to limit their use when possible.

*Reduce stress: Find ways to reduce the stress in your busy life, your hair will thank you.

*Males and females are different: When searching for helpful regrowth products make sure to pick one that is gender specific.

*Don't wait: Especially with androgenic alopecia it is difficult to reverse the condition if too much damage has been done.

Additionally, there are a number of excellent options for help for hair loss especially in the area of male and female pattern baldness that are worth considering. These products are designed specifically to block DHT, stimulate growth, and supply your scalp with the nutrition needed to maximize results. Remember, procrastination can be the difference between success and failure.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Dangerous Mistake Women Over 40 Make - Avoid This to Lose Weight in a Safe, Healthy Way

Executive Summary Weight Loss by Perry Permann

Our bodies consist mostly of water- roughly 55% for the female body. Lean muscle is 75% water; whereas fat tissue consists of only 14% water. You are losing water constantly and all the time. This loss of water needs to be replenished constantly. Your body has lost the equivalent of approximately 2 big glasses of water while you were asleep. Additionally, water fills your stomach. Replace all sodas with water- it's cheaper anyway.

Coffee will force water out of your body- another reason to limit your coffee intake. Alcohol is not good too- alcohol needs water to be processed in your body. You can increase your water consumption by eating water-rich plants. Fruits are rich in water also. Of course, most women over 40 have heard before that they should drink 8 big glasses of water daily or more.


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