Sunday, 28 June 2009

Glycemic Index Diet - Another Get-Thin-Quick Scheme?

Executive summary By: Idaline Hall

The low level on the scale is 55 and below, medium index levels are between 56 and 69, and high on the index scale is 70 and above. Different carbs (carbohydrates) will convert to glucose (sugar) and enter the bloodstream at different rates, and therefore vary in how much of a blood sugar spike you experience.

Food with a low glycemic index reading, on the other hand, fill you up, but raise blood sugar slowly and steadily, giving you a longer feeling of being full and continuous energy. Eating a low Glycemic Index Diet is not about avoiding carbs all together, but focusing on the more healthful carbs. Foods with low glycemic index make it possible to enjoy all foods, even those that rank high because combining these two together helps to balance out the count, with index levels in the medium range. Remember, it's the overall diet that counts, and not individual foods.


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