Monday, 29 June 2009

Simple and Inexpensive Health Care For the Whole Family

Executive summary By : O. Schmidt

Here is a story to illustrate how modern medicine often works. Our health care systems often do something like this - costly and difficult fixes instead of relatively non-intrusive, simple and inexpensive body aids.

Instead of buying medicines and syrups containing questionable chemicals, we use a strong salt water or diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide gargle to kill cold germs in the throat and it seems to prevent them from spreading. Germs are killed easily in the body by the heat and you use less energy producing the fever because of the external heat source. Simple, natural and inexpensive.

Body Toxins
A white coating on the tongue can be a good indicator of toxins. Check your diet. Drink more water to dilute and flush toxins. Frizzy skin below cuticles, dry and lifeless hair, and dry flaky body skin are also indicators. Sleep is not the solution because it is repair time, not re-energize time. Energy comes from nutritious food. Check your diet if you have low energy. Learn relaxation techniques to improve depth of sleep.

Learn formal relaxation techniques. Miscellaneous Inexpensive and Safe Self-Care
a) exercise, flex and tense face muscles each day to reduce sagging skin. Save money spent on facial creams.
b) eye exercises help keep stronger glasses away and eyes strong. As well, your body will be healthier and thank you by working properly because you have helped it help itself.


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